Return Policy

General Rules

By law, once a prescription has left the pharmacy it may not be returned for resale. If we made an error filling your prescription, we will replace the medication at no charge or refund your out-of-pocket costs.

  • A prescription error is ‘any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or potential patient harm, such as wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong direction etc.

We are not responsible for

  • Errors made by the physician/physician staff when ordering your prescription.
  • Failure of the patient to obtain the package in a timely manner after delivery.
  • Dissatisfaction with a medication due to flavor choice, side effects, or lack of efficacy.
  • Errors made by the patient or caregiver when calling for refills.

It is your responsibility to inform our staff of adjustments in your therapy, changes in your personal information, change of address and change of insurance.

  • You may have informed your prescriber of address and insurance changes, but they do not routinely forward that information to the pharmacy.
  • In addition, verbal conversations between you and your doctor regarding the user of your medication are not routinely shared with the pharmacist.
  • A prescription will not be refunded more than 14 days after the patient has received the prescription.

Any prescriptions that fall outside of this 14-day window are refundable at the discretion of the pharmacist on a case-by-case basis.

Auto Refill Policy

  • Enrolled prescriptions will automatically be refilled at the end of your current supply.
  • You will not be notified, alerted, or otherwise asked if you would like us to refill your prescription- it will be refilled automatically.
  • Your credit card will automatically be charged at the time your refill is processed without notification.
  • If you want to pause your Auto-Refill, you must notify the pharmacy 7 days prior to your current supply is due to run out. Otherwise, the prescription will be filled & charged.
  • We do not offer any refunds/returns for unwanted prescription filled through Auto-Refill.
  • New prescriptions are not automatically enrolled in Auto-Refill. Except for a new script that continues an existing identical Auto-Refill script. It is ultimately your responsibility to contact the pharmacy when a new prescription needs to be enrolled in auto-refill.
  • If there are no more refills on the prescription, you consent to us contacting the prescriber to obtain additional refills for you.

Over the Counter Products & Supplements

  • All over the counter products and supplements authorized for return must be unopened and in the same condition as when it was purchase. Any opened containers cannot be refunded.

All Prescription/product returns are at the discretion of the pharmacist at Taylors Pharmacy

  • If you have a question about a received package, please call our team at (407) 644-1025 and press 0 to speak with a customer care agent to inquire about the contents prior to opening the package. All authorized returns will be credited upon receipt of the return, less shipping costs. Shipping cost will not be credited unless the shipping error was at the fault of the pharmacy.