Local Roots, Global Reach.

Medicine For Animals

We customize medications for animals in unique strengths and drug forms, making it possible for your pet to get the exact amount of medication prescribed.

Medicine For People

We have specialized in compounding medications for 50+ years and have expertise in all aspects of personalized medication therapies.

Hormone Consultation

We believe that women nearing menopause should not have to live with lower than normal levels of hormones.

70 Years of Medication Expertise

Taylors Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy located in Orlando, Florida. Taylors serves Central Florida and the United States through traditional and unique pharmacy services including commercial medications, custom compounds, veterinary compounding, and wholesale service.

Our services include:

  • Changing dosages & strengths of medications
  • Combining medications or customizing formulations
  • Adding the flavors to your compounds
  • Creating alternative dosages
  • Compounding discontinued medicines