Our Story

In 1947, Bill Taylor opened Taylors as the local neighborhood pharmacy, complete with a milkshake machine and a smiling pharmacist behind the counter. At the time, there were five pharmacies on Park Ave alone, but Taylors Pharmacy set itself apart by offering free long-distance phone calls home for Rollins College students and free home delivery. Taylors quickly became a trusted, foundational member of the Winter Park community.

In 1988, Allen and Debbie Deaver purchased Taylors Pharmacy with the promise to continue Bill's dream of providing the community with the highest level of care. At the time, Allen Deaver was a young pharmacist with a big ambition – to make Taylors a nationwide pharmacy, so everyone had access to their high level of quality care, regardless of where they live.

Fast forward 40 years later, Taylors has catapulted itself into a thriving nationwide, independent pharmacy licensed in over 41 states. Taylors keeps quality at the center of its mission, so it's no surprise that Taylors is regarded as the industry gold-standard in both human and veterinary medicine. Taylors continues to differentiate itself with above and beyond customer service, innovative solutions in the compounding field, and of course, the highest level of quality ingredients and products.

To this day, Allen and Debbie's daughters, Claire and Sydney, continue their family's legacy and their family's promise to the late Bill Taylor to serve the community as family.