Veterinary Services

Reputation and Commitment

Our compounding operations are located in Winter Park just north of Orlando.  We’ve been in continuous operation since 1947 and have seen central Florida change from citrus trees to theme parks. Whether we’re compounding for animals worth millions of dollars at our local attractions or the puppy you picked up at the Humane Society, our standards are the same. We use compounding skills honed over the years to provide only the best medication.  What else matters?

Depth of Practice

Providing medication to veterinarians across the country is a given and our licensing allows us to do this. Our expertise has been recognized by veterinary specialists nationally and internationally.  Few compounding pharmacies have the ability, standards and facilities to be allowed to compound sterile eye drops and injections. Not only have we been in this arena for twenty years, we are the choice of the practicing veterinary ophthalmologist.

What’s different?

Highest standards, stellar reputation. To be honest, most compounding pharmacies have one pharmacist that has the skill, knowledge and experience to run a facility. We have four.

Our other pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff are seasoned professionals. Most of our senior staff have been with Taylors fifteen years or more and provide a level of customer service and knowledge that newer compounding pharmacies can’t compete with.


Now that the basics are covered, here are a few goodies we throw in for free:

Free shipping options for compounded medications throughout the United States. Our competitors ask for a large minimum order which doesn’t help when you need just one medication in a hurry.

Our Wholesale Department has everything a compounding pharmacy and a retail pharmacy doesn’t carry. Unusual injectables, chemotherapy drugs, testing agents and IV fluids are just a few of the products that can be shipped, picked up or delivered from our wholesale department. Our unique licensing allows us to sell single vials of an injectable out of a multi vial pack. Why buy more than you need?

Hard to treat infections, especially ears, often lead to the use of multiple drugs over an extended period of time. Pain and suffering for animal and owner ensues. Our Culture and Sensitivity Program gives the assistance veterinarians need to pick the right antibiotic and treatment the first time. Many times the correct antibiotic is not on the veterinarian’s shelf or is in the wrong dosage form. Between our compounding pharmacy, our retail pharmacy and our wholesale department we have access to every antibiotic made. Infections are so much easier to treat when you have access to the right drug!


Call us, we can help! Our staff is always available to assist with research on medication therapy for even the most difficult cases. We are faculty members for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and serve as an internship training center for senior pharmacy students.