Retail Medication

Do they have my prescription in stock?

“How long will it take to fill?  Will I be able to talk to a knowledgeable pharmacist when I have questions?   I have a busy schedule, how will I find time to pick it up?  Will I have to wait in line to checkout?”  At Taylors Pharmacy, we understand that simplifying and streamlining the systems behind these questions is 90% of the game.

Yes, we stock all common and not so common prescription. Our compounding lab and wholesale departments provide us with a wide variety of unusual medications that are not available anywhere else.

Yes, we offer free local delivery and mailing for a small fee. You can’t beat having someone bringing your medication to your home or office. And when you do need to pick up a prescription at our store, you’ll never have to hunt for a clerk to take you money.

Yes, our staff is happy to help you. Taylors Pharmacy gets your prescriptions filled accurately, your insurance billed efficiently and your questions answered correctly.  We’ll leave the distractions, like cleaning supplies and photofinishing, to the other guys.

Yes, our pharmacists are the best.  As a training center for pharmacy students from eight different pharmacy schools across the country, we get our pick of the best and the brightest.  Knowledge is worthless if you can’t convey it to others, so our staff are as smart as they are compassionate and personable.


Call us, we can help! Our staff is always available to assist with research on medication therapy for even the most difficult cases. We are faculty members for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and serve as an internship training center for senior pharmacy students.