Compounded Medications

Compounded Medications for Humans

You’ve been given a prescription by your doctor and told to take it to a “compounding pharmacy.” The questions arise:  “What’s the difference between a regular prescription and this? How expensive will it be?  Are compounded prescriptions safe and how do I know for sure?  Are all compounding pharmacies the same and how do I pick the right one?  Will they really make my prescription right in the pharmacy?”

Compounding pharmacies are able to create customized medication to fit the unique needs of individual patients by combining an array of pharmaceutical-grade medications inside a sterile “clean room.”

Yes, we wear gowns and masks for safety. Our sterile facilities are maintained at the highest standards. At Taylors Pharmacy, the safety of your compounded medication is our highest concern. 

Yes, we have low prices. For compounding pharmacies, the more of a particular item that is made, the lower the cost. At Taylors Pharmacy, we make a lot of everything. However, the cost does depend on how long the compound takes to prepare, how expensive the raw materials are and how much the testing costs.

Yes, we have almost 3 generations of experience. Taylors Pharmacy has been compounding medication for over 70 years.  Unlike the many of the compounding pharmacies that have recently popped up, Taylors Pharmacy has the expertise and resources to consistently produce safe compounded medication.

Yes, we are always innovating. Just because Taylors Pharmacy has consistently been recognized as an industry leader doesn’t mean we are complacent. Taylors has continued pioneered many of the dosage forms and compounding techniques that used by other compounding pharmacies across the country.


Call us, we can help! Our staff is always available to assist with research on medication therapy for even the most difficult cases. We are faculty members for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and serve as an internship training center for senior pharmacy students.