It won’t surprise prescribing veterinarians that compounded medications is big business.  While the market can be overwhelming, here at Taylors we believe that custom pharmacy requires custom service.  As part of an ongoing series, “Pharmacy Focus” highlights some of the ways we are adding value to our prescriber and patient experience.  

Veterinarians: Did you know Taylors will happily review a culture & sensitivity report for your difficult or stubborn cases?  Based on the greatest area of concern (price, duration of treatment, etc), our team of pharmacists will present several options for medicated therapy.  Perfect for time-sensitive patients free grammar checker or “wit’s end” cases, let Taylors lend an extra helping hand!  There is no charge for our consultation.

Interested in sending us a C&S?  You can fax it to 407-539-2143 or call our pharmacists to review at 877-677-9676.

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