Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Consultation

It was once believed that women nearing menopausal age should learn to live with lower than normal levels of hormones. That’s crazy! No one should have to live a substandard life. Doctors routinely use hormone replacement therapy to treat patients with low thyroid or low vitamin levels. Taylor’s Pharmacy uses the same technology to  create personalized hormone replacement treatments for patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We don’t leave the men out. Levels of testosterone and other hormones can drop as we age. These can lead to fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunction and other problems. We wish it was as easy to treat as the “Low-T” billboard suggest but it isn’t. The best results come from talking with each patient individually and using our experience with treating men’s issues to come up with a plan that works every time.

For over thirty years, Taylors’ pharmacists have been consulting with patients on hormone replacement after being referred from their gynecologist or urologist. We know a thing or two about balancing hormones. Over the years, thousand of women and men have had initial and follow up consults with our trained experts. Your doctor love working with us and you will too.

To request a consult, please download the PDF below that applies to you (chose either “mens” or “womens”). After completing the form, upload the form below, or fax to 407-539-2143. Please note that all consults are done by phone. You will be contacted by a representative of Taylors shortly. Please feel free to send any lab results or other pertinent information.

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Call us, we can help! Our staff is always available to assist with research on medication therapy for even the most difficult cases. We are faculty members for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and serve as an internship training center for senior pharmacy students.