Auto Fill Program Policies

Please review before committing to our Auto Refill Program

  • Enrolled prescriptions will automatically be refilled at the end of your current supply.
  • You will not be called, alerted, or asked if you’d like the refill – it will be refilled automatically.
  • Your credit card will automatically be charged at that time without notification.
  • If you want to pause Auto-Refill, you must notify the pharmacy 7 days before your current supply is due to run out. Otherwise, the prescription will be filled & charged.
  • We do not offer any refunds/returns for unwanted prescriptions filled through Auto-Refill.
  • New prescriptions are not automatically enrolled in Auto-Refill. Except for a new script that continues an existing Auto-refill script. It is ultimately your responsibility to contact the pharmacy when a new prescription needs to be enrolled in auto-refill.
  • If there are no more refills on the prescription, you consent to us calling the prescriber to obtain additional refills.