As one of the oldest independent pharmacies in Florida and a premier compounding pharmacy servicing patients across the country, Taylors has enjoyed over 70 years as a quality resource for doctors and the community. As we prepare for the next 70 years of patient care, Taylors is meeting the changing needs of the human and veterinary markets with some updates: to our pharmacy, to our services, and to our media!

Our current patients and prescribers may notice a refreshed look here at www.taylorspharmacy.com. This new “brand” is the tip of a years-long overhaul based on feedback our patients have provided. As the public face for Taylors, our online presence serves as an extension of our personalized service: to that end, we have a streamlined, straightforward site with informational postings, an online prescription platform, and a comments form being reviewed each business day.

What isn’t visible on the new site? Behind the scenes, we’ve revamped our phone system to quickly connect patients and doctors with our staff. We’ve added more customer service positions than ever in our history. We are constantly updating our clean rooms and procedures to provide the highest level of quality available, and from those clean rooms are coming prescriptions meeting the needs of human and animal patients alike. Our list of formularies is constantly growing in direct response to the needs of our patients.

These changes are all geared toward providing the best in pharmaceutical care, and more updates are on the way. By merging a long history of personal, individualized service with the latest in modern compounding and technology, all of us at Taylors believe we provide the utmost pharmacy experience.

What HASN’T changed? Our quality control and premier medications, our experienced pharmacist team, our ownership, and most importantly: our commitment to our patients and our community. Please, let us know what we’re doing well, and if there’s anything we can improve to better serve you.

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